Saving water

Because we have a shallow well, all of the perennials in our gardens rarely get watered. They are left on their own without a supplemental drink regardless of the heat and lack of rain. It may sound cruel, but I don’t think we have lost a perennial yet to lack of water.

Potted plants, annuals and vegetables, however, are entirely different and need topping off on a regular basis. To help in this endeavor we have two rain barrels each holding 55 gallons of water.

Turning on the spigot, I listen to the flowing fluid fill my water cans. There is a coolness and comfort to this as a bit of mist splashes up from these gardening flagons and the sound deepens as it fills to the top of the containers.

Taking one in each hand, I walk in the rising heat to the far corners of our property as would a better fed Gunga Din giving his thirsty charges a needed drink. My trips are not nearly as heroic but are necessary.

The slow pace and distribution of water makes me appreciate our fortune to have enough water so that we can have lovely flowers, nutritious food, and shady spots to rest and reflect in. Our rain barrels adds a bit of security to that luxury.

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