Nesting time

This has been an active season for fledging birds. We have two nests currently right next to the house and at least four others in bushes nearby.

The first sign of activity in the Spring was a chickadee taking up residence within the tiny birdhouse that is attached to a back alcove wall. Within a few weeks of discovery I noticed three speckled off white eggs in the nest. Unfortunately within a day the nest (and all the eggs) were removed from the space. Cracked shells and egg remains were on the ground beneath sticks, twigs and grasses.

Soon after this event, a Carolina wren took up residency and built its own nest. Chirping baby birds are now yapping.

Another nest has been built in the middle of a hanging fuchsia basket. Watering is a bit tricky as I attempt not to drown any of the inhabitants when I approach their home with my watering can.

Both of these homes are inconvenient as anyone approaching gets dive bombed by a protective parent. But we don’t mind as the sweet chirping of birds is music to our ears.

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