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Last week I made a run to one of my favorite wholesale facilities, @gilbertiesorganics, to load up on herbs for the gardens and my clients at @annsplaceinc.

As always, Sal and his staff were very kind and generous donating some of the herbs needed for our gardens. So like other years, our three herb beds are now fully planted. Each bed has a unique focus: Kitchen, scented geranium, and medicinal.

Kitchen: The kitchen garden is a mix of perennial and annual herbs. They are:

Red-veined sorrel
Green sorrel
Oregano (golden and Greek)
Thyme (Golden lemon and English)

This garden is a nice space for clients and staff to snack on and take bits for cooking needs.

Scented Geranium: This is our scratch and sniff garden and this year I was able to get nine different Pelargonium species. They are:

Attar of Roses
Chocolate Mint
French Lace

Each has a wonderfully unique and refreshing scent. Citrosa has the added benefit of repelling mosquitos and other Summer bugs.

Medicinal: Our medicinal garden is a mix of herbs both handy in the kitchen as well as enhancing well-being and health. The herbs included are:

Lavender (Grosso and Hidcote)
Lemon balm

We used to have comfrey in this bed but its huge size forced its eviction. Clients are often surprised by the taste of stevia, which is incredibly sweet. This garden is somewhat a cross between the other two where bits are taken to ingest and some are stroked to capture and inhale their essential oils.

And surrounding these beds is our mint walk with over a dozen unique mints (all from @gilbertiesorganics) including peppermint, apple, mojito, grapefruit, mountain, spearmint, Kentucky, Curley, golden ginger, and a few mystery mints. It’s a nice place for a walk. Feel free to enjoy if you are in the area.

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