Customer Feedback & Testimonials
This page has been added to help you learn from actual Plant Rocket customers information to help you make the best decision.

Michael in Colorado

I have to admit I was a bit reluctant to purchase your system. I am an avid do-it-yourselfer, and thought I could easily reproduce the system, at a fraction of the cost. However, I needed something quickly, so I purchased your product. I was amazed by the quality of the craftsmanship, and simplicity of design.

I could never produce such a quality piece of equipment on my own, and any attempt to do so would have cost significantly more than what I paid.

Great product!!


Scott in Michigan
    I just wanted to let you know your system has been a life
saver this summer. I have been working extremely long hours and do not have time to water in the evening. I have my system set up to run 1/2 hour per day and once or twice a week I will run it for a few more minutes as needed. Thanks for the great system !!!


Adam in California
   The main reason I purchased the Garden Galaxy system for my indoor garden was the ease at which I could reconnect and reconfigure the system to suit my needs. Super quick and easy and NEVER leaked.
   Anyone who has tried that with a standard high pressure drip system indoors knows what I am talking about. If you have to move plants around will appreciate that feature a lot. Additionally the low pressure, slow drip system provides a much more even water soak, I find that I can get by with one 40 min low pressure drip a week because of how even the soil gets wet.


Kevin in Maryland

   I just wanted to say that I am just completing my first grow using the halos and love them!


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Water Distribution
Spines provide equal water to each plant

Quick Setup & Disconnect - Its Modular!

Slow Drip Watering Halos
Helps develop large root system
Halos supply slow drip water - helping to develop large roots
rapid water application
bad for root development

A very useful line of Water System Accessories
from Anti-Siphon devices to Complete In-Line Nutrient Injectors

get more bang for your grow light dollar

Modular Watering Systems
That Maximize convenience and Plant Vigor