Watering Considerations


Throughout Garden-Galaxy’s website you may see recommendations for typical watering. These are provided to give the reader/gardener a starting point for setting their watering schedule. These are not intended to replace the observations and adjustments the gardener needs to make in order to have a successful crop and harvest.


There are several critical variations that affect required watering times and cycles and can not be known beforehand. The following information should be taken into consideration in order to see how the “typical” watering times might need to be modified.



Parameters for Typical recommendations:

Temperature                              80˚

Soil Drainage Porosity                  10% (container completes drain in 5 to 7 seconds)

Soil Water Capacity                     30% (without a plant – soil will dry 50% at 6 inch depth in 48 hours)

Air Movement                            less than 3 miles per hour

Plant Stage                                normal vegetative

(not transplant, root development or fruiting)

Root surface Exposure                100 to 125 sq. inches

Plant Transiration Type               Moderate (not low or high water)


I.     Watering has three primary aspects

A.    The frequency for watering

B.    Amount of water required

C.    Water Application Rate & timing


Because at least some of the actual plant and soil parameters do not generally “fit” the “typical” parameters set forth above, the gardener should be cautioned to use a quality moisture meter and test the actual levels of soil moisture, and themometer for knowing the ambient room temperature.


Test shortly after watering (make sure the water has penetrated deeply), and then again in 24 and 48 hours if appropriate. The surface of the soil should have dried perhaps by 50% - allowing adequate air into the roots for respiration. The bottom of the soil should not dry this much unless you are attempting to drought stress the pant intentionally. Once you have checked and logged the moisture levels you can use these for future timer settings.