Water Distribution Spines

State-of-the Art


Indoor Drip Irrigation




Low-Pressure systems

the ultimate in reliable function & furnishing protection

New Manifolds Eliminate Leaks



"Watering Spines"

State-of-the-Art Water Distribution




Because flow is unrestricted through large 1/2" diameter piping until distribution splits at the manifold


Plant Rocket TM Spines assure equal water

to each plant on the system.
This is critical for producing a full & complete root system!






How the Spines are Connected

Power is supplied to the Controller/Timer from a standard ac outlet.


The submersible pump (240 gph) receives time controlled power for operation.

Check our website for more information on proper watering cycles.


Supply tubing from the water pump feeds the Distribution Spine


Large 1/2 " diameter piping delivers full flow to the Manifolds


The Manifolds deliver equal water to each of (4 to 12) outputs


The manifold outputs are "Quick-Connected" to each Halo

These connectors only need a "half-twist" to connect & disconnect. Reliable and Easy!


The Watering Halos, using 1/4 " tubing have from 2 to 9 evenly dispersed emitters.


Each of 6 emitters feed at 1/4th gph (or 1.5 gph total per large halo)


Unused outputs can be easily capped with a "Quick-Plug"


Spines and Halos
We thoroughly wash and clean our PVC pipe with organic soap
to eliminate contaminates found in warehouses!

Everything in the Plant Rocket System is Modular

Setup and Maintenance is a breeze!

(Spines will work with other pumps & controllers)

(pumps should put out between 250 and 350 gph for optimum performance)





Conventional Drip System Designs can be


With a large number of individual components that need to be precisely cut or connected
in order to achieve even distribution of water.

Standard drip designs

Are Complex and Require many parts. So they are difficult to maintain!


Choose Plant Rocket TM

Choose Reliability & Simplicity


4 Output Watering Spines from  $10.27


6 Output Spines from  $17.76


8 Output Spines from  $24.24


12 Output Spines from  $28.82



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