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Solar® Photosynthesis Enhancing Nutrients

A Key Component of the Plant Rocket™ System

Nutrients that accelerate nutrient uptake for Roots


A nutrient formula that provides maximimum

plant photosynthesis!



Amino Acids – Key to Uptake


Photosynthesis Boost – Vital

for Indoor Plants

(make the most of your Grow-Light Dollar)


The 10-9-5 formula provides optimum ratios of nitrogen and phosphorous to produce accelerated leaf and vegitation growth.


The 5-10-5 formula provides the right ratio of phosphorous to nitrogen needed to boost blooms, flowers, and fruit.



The Accelerated Growth provided by the Solar® Nutrient portion of the Plant Rocket System begins with these highly absorbable and root-available macro-nutrients found in this quality plant nutrient food. Read on about the micro-nutrients that are the “rest of the story”.


Wondering just what

magnesium, boron, copper, iron,

manganese and zinc do for your plants?


You might want to save this attached PDF file for reference:


Pricing Details

The quality of this liquid nutrient is clear!

Veggie qt size

$19.57 msrp

Bloom qt size

$19.57 msrp

Veggie & Bloom gals

$55.97 msrp


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