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Water System Kits Order Qty

Timer  (Basic) WT-11289 Order Qty $ 21.50 ea
Tank  (13 gal.) black WT-201 Order Qty $ 29.94 ea
Pump ( 250 gph) GGWA1306 Order Qty $ 25.65 ea
Anti-Siphon Device $2.90 WTA-901 Order Qty $ 2.90 ea
Y Filtration System (with xtra filter pak 2) WA111-YF1 Order Qty $ 17.77 ea
Quick Plug (10 pack) QPA1102-10 Order Qty $ 2.72 ea
Quick Connect F/M (10 pack) QCA101-10 Order Qty $ 8.61 ea
Nu-Ject'r Nutrient Injector System WD2001-A2 Order Qty $ 127.49 ea

Other Water System Accessories Order Qty

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