Slow Drip Watering Halos


the ultimate in Ease-of-Use AND Maximum Root Size



Slowly applied irrigation

Water distribution through the soil is primarily affect by time.



Rapid application is gravity biased, with very little capillary action. Narrow!

Slow application allows capillary action and moisture is WIDESPREAD throughout soil.


The "Halos" actually 'slow-drip-feed'
with 2,6 & 9 outlet points!

The water, spreads gently like  rain,
across and into the plants.


This Produces Large Roots & Big Flowers & Fruit


 Get 20% and more from your crop!

Using the same amount of electricity!




The Watering Halos are super easy-to-use!


Quick & easy opening make it simple to place onto your indoor plant!









"Quick-Plugs" easy twist-on & off to terminate an unused Spine outlet.


"Quick-Connectors" make it  simple to hook the Halos to the distribution Spine.





Drip Emitters (used for Plant Rocket systems) will PLUG if the water in your reservoir has grit or debris in it.
Use clean water and liquid nutrients (free of grit) to keep your system running great.
If you want to use a nutrient like "compost tea" apply directly to the soil - do not run it through the pump or Halo system!




Because the Distribution Spines


assure Equal Pressure to each Halo

the flow regulating emitters in the Halos

are able to deliver a reliable

and equal flow to each plant.


Spines are

Easy to Connect

To The Halos!

1/2 twist and they’re connected.

They disconnect just as easily!


So you can remove a single plant for pruning

Or whatever maintenance is required.





The Slow Drip Watering Halos come in various standard sizes

and are available in custom designs for various special applications.



Internet Special Pricing The popular large size (10.5 to 13.5" pot) is only $3.78 each.

Each Halo* has a 36 inch lead tubing

 *The Extra Large Size has a 42 inch lead tubing


Double Ring Sizes:


 Med Lg. (9.5 to 10.5" pot)  Med Sm. (8.5 to 9.5" pot)

WD1203A-9.5               WD1203B-8.5

Large (10.5 to 14.5")    Extra Lg. (14.5 to 20" pot)

WD1202C-10.5     WD1201A-14.5


Single Ring Sizes: 


 Mini Halo (6.0 to 7.5" pot)

*note - the "T" can bend 90° to allow for pots < 7"



 Large Single Ring (9.5 to 11" pot)


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