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At Garden Galaxy, basic plant science is at the heart of our product development efforts. Understanding the many issues at the root of plant health and vigor, as well as the special issues related to growing indoors under synthetic sunlight is our continuing focus.


Product development and the information we disseminate is directed to assist our clients in these areas. By helping to boost plant photosynthesis, root system growth, plant health and yield, the staff at Garden Galaxy has become a valued partner for the indoor gardener.



Garden Galaxy is a home based business located near Eastlake in Chula Vista California.

Due to each clients unique grow areas and goals Our Systems are "Built to Order" for our customers.

We accept PayPal for payment purposes, and your order will begin production the business day following payment,
Shipment is normally made within 2 to 3 business days.
Paypal has no charge to you the customer, only a 3% charge that we pay.

With PayPal - you the customer have a number of protections. 1) You are not giving out your credit card information every time you purchase something.
This makes it impossible for someone to "get" this information and make unauthorized charges to your account.
Only the money that you instuct to be sent (to Garden Galaxy) is sent.

2) If you do not receive your order, or it is defective or does not meet the advertized specifications PayPal will require Garden Galaxy to re-imburse you accordingly.


Garden Galaxy has top quality Horticultural Experts on staff:


Product & Marketing Review - Consulting Analyst



Robert Ll.Morris

Las Vegas, NV USA


1979-2001      Post Graduate Studies, University of Minnesota

1979              M. S. Colorado State University, Horticulture

1976              B. S. Colorado State University, Nursery Landscape Management

Academic Experience

2011             Present Emeritus Professor

1984 - 2011   Associate Professor and Horticulture Specialist

1979 - 1984    Associate Professor and Horticulture Specialist


Major Achievements

Introduced native landscape design to contractors/landscape architects (1989) and homeowners (1996-2010)

Introduced precision irrigation of turf and landscapes into central Utah (1980) and southern Nevada (1987)

Introduced new heat tolerant grass species into southern Nevada (1985) resulting in 95% of all new construction



Author and Editor. Authored over 35 research publications, two book chapters and over 1,000 popular articles on horticulture. Associate Editor of HortScience, a research publication of the American Society for Horticultural Science.



Product Development & Marketing


Frank J. Rauscher

Certified Horticulturist

San Diego, CA  USA



Certified Nursery Advisor , University Nevada at Reno Cooperative Extension, Las Vegas

Basic Plant Science Horticulture, Community College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas

Water Education Training, SNWA, Las Vegas

Science & Literature, San Bernardino Community College, San Bernardino, CA.


Experience Summary

◊ Horticulturist with specialty in Hydroponics, irrigation, plant diagnosis, desert landscaping, public and media speaking. ◊ Account Management & Technical Sales. ◊ Write feature articles, editorials, complete newspapers, press releases, research reports, and other creative print. ◊ Media liaison. ◊ Public speaking.  ◊ Live television and radio.