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Indoor Gardeners who want to grow in soil and other medias have had to deal with time consuming hand watering, complex or ineffective drip systems.

If issues with the root system were the cause of a loss of production quantity or quality, the grower had no way of knowing whether this was the case and how much loss this is causing. Are the root systems of their plants large or small? How can a grower find out?

Conventional Drip systems are difficult to disconnect and then re-connect making routine maintenance a time consuming challenge. Maintenance is a key function to help improve overall plant vigor and crop production. Modular Drip Systems, like Plant Rockettm get away from this.

Many systems make it difficult to know and control the actual concentration of nutrients being fed to the plants. In a recirculatory system; does the grower have the chance to test for nutrient levels every week? Too often nutrients were highly diluted or overly rich and their effectiveness was unclear. Obtaining maximum yield is elusive.

Add to this that up till now most drip systems input water to only a couple locations in the grow pot. This poor distribution of water across the soil surface is responsible for incomplete root development and so reduced plant vigor and production.

The Plant Rocket System from Garden Galaxy is designed and built to bring Indoor Soil Grows to state-of-the-art! Modular, Easy to use with advanced professional nutrients designed to boost photosynthesis and accelerate plant growth indoors. Reduce grow light expense.

  • Increase Yield by 20% or more!
  • Save Time - no more hand watering
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect system components
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect your plants
  • Reduce hassle
  • Avoid complicated drip setups
  • Assure even distribution of water to each plant
  • Water up 48 plants with ONE SMALL 260gph pump
  • Start with as few as 2 or 3 plants
  • Or, as many as 48 on a single system
  • Economical and reliable


Look at some Details
The Plant Rocket slow drip indoor watering system is modular, so it quickly and easily setsup. Easy to connect and disconnect so that plant maintenance like pruning and close inspection take little time.
Tired of spending all your free time doing this?

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