Indoor Gardeners have been dealing with Algae and foreign particles clogging up their watering systems ( especially drip systems)forever.

Nutrients floating around in the water reservoir do no benefit to the plants they are intended to be feeding. Though the larger portion of the nutrients do still remain to feed the crop, that Algae has been growing (often profusely) is proof enough that the Algae are consuming a real portion of these expensive nutrients. So, too often the concentration of nutrient dropped off and their effectiveness was unclear. Obtaining maximum yield was elusive.

This is the minor issue from algae. Algae not only plugs things up, but it uses valuable oxygen that the plant root systems critically need. Algae is not the hydroponic gardeners friend.

The Plant Rocket Nutri-Ject'r, an in-line plant nutrient injector. A great part of any watering system. The Nutri-Ject'r from Garden Galaxy is designed and built to maximize the vigor and health of your crop. Not to mention, help ALL of your valuable nutrients make it to the roots of your precious plants.

The Mixing Chamber holds 32 ounces of liquid plant nutrient. The Nutri-Ject'r (in conjuction with an accurate delivery system like Plant RocketTM will deliver equal amounts of nutrient to each and every plant. Your not guessing at how much nutrient each plant will get!
With unique and patented "Pressure Drop", and "hydrolic mixing" systems - The Nutri-Ject'r is the afforadble answer to accurate nutrient dosing and a successful battle against Algae.

Plant Rocket Benefits
  • Increase Yield by 20% or more!
  • Save Time - no more hand watering
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect system components
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect your plants
  • Reduce hassle
  • Avoid complicated drip setups
  • Assure even distribution of water to each plant
  • Water up 48 plants with ONE SMALL 260gph pump
  • Start with as few as 2 or 3 plants
  • Economical and reliable


Look at some Details
The Plant Rocket slow drip indoor watering system is modular, so it quickly and easily setsup. Easy to connect and disconnect so that plant maintenance like pruning and close inspection take little time.
Tired of spending all your free time doing this?

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