Grow Room Layout Design Consultations

Example of Layout Design Plan

You tell us the size dimensions of your grow room (width and length), let us know where the entry door is, it's size and direction to open. Then tell us hpw many and what sized pots you would like to use and what size. We will do a graphic layout of just how the room might be set up in order to have adequate access to all the pots and accessories. This lay out will include the placement of the water distribution spines and the pots themselves. As the Halos will be placed into the pots - Halos will not be presented.


Then get some help Selecting the Right Components

The Spines connect the submersible water pump to the  watering Halos. These are designed to provide full flow to each Halo and therefore assure that each plant receives an equal amount of water.

When you click for Help Selecting, you will find a handy set of charts that list which sizes of Soines will work best for various grow pot sizes and quantities.
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Get your design - check which Halos and Spines will work - then Order.

Check Item Prices and Order
We pay 50% of your shipping cost for most items

When you submet a request for an Invoice from our Product Ordering Page, we review that request to verify that you will be receiving components that work successfully for your System. This review saves you frustration and expense and keeps our customer satisfaction at High Levels.