Algae Infestation
You have seen this before. Yes?
Algae infested water in your holding reservoir.
What does this do to the quality of the water?
What is this algae doing to your Crop?
You are losing productivity!
This "Pest" algae is gumming up the works.
It reduces the efficiency of the pump, and plugs up emitters.
Algae consumes available oxygen and reduces your plants ability to properly respire.
Poor resiration causes loss of vigor and growth.
Your plants can not convert sugars produced through photosynthesis into energy.


Clean and filter algae out of your water with a quality Filter System designed to catch Algae.
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Disassembly - Cleaning & Assembly are Easy!
Economical Replacement Kits available

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Keep your nutrients out of your water holding reservoir. Stop feeding Algae!

Inject them directly into your feed water.
Following your pump; Outside the Water Tank.
The Nutri-Jectr' is designed and built to accurately deliver
the precise flow rate of plant nutrient that you want!

So that, when you use the Plant Rocket system & Nutri-Jectr'
and put (say 10 ounces) of nutrient into the injector,
each of your ten plants gets 1 ounce of nutrient.

It does this because built into the Nutri-Jectr' is a
pressure compensated flow regulator plus an hydrolic agitator.

This along with the Plant Rocket's
"equal water flow to each plant" means you get precision feeding.

The Plant Rocket System from Garden Galaxy is designed and built to bring Indoor Soil Grows to state-of-the-art! Modular, Easy to use with advanced professional nutrients designed to boost photosynthesis and accelerate plant growth indoors. Reduce grow light expense.

  • Increase Yield by 20% or more!
  • Save Time - no more hand watering
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect system components
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect your plants
  • Reduce hassle
  • Avoid complicated drip setups
  • Assure even distribution of water to each plant
  • Water up 48 plants with ONE SMALL 200gph pump
  • Start with as few as 2 or 3 plants
  • Economical and reliable


Look at some Details
The Plant Rocket slow drip indoor watering system is modular, so it quickly and easily setsup. Easy to connect and disconnect so that plant maintenance like pruning and close inspection take little time.
Tired of spending all your free time doing this?
Solar nutrients are chelated and packed with amino acids. What does this do? This make nutrient uptake quick and complete. Stop fertilizing just your soil, start getting the nutrients into your plants! Use a nutrient with ALL the micronutrients that can be put into a formula in order to help your plants process the nutrients they take up. Move nutrients from the roots throughout the plant with the right balance of trace elements required for translocation.

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